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From March 24 to March 28, 2022 took place on Decentraland, the Metaverse Fashion Week. For the occasion, the brand Hogan (Tod's group), Exclusible and SPOA agency imagined a new kind of musical after-party.

Exclusible called on SPOA to organize the 1st meta-endorsement of international DJ BOB SINCLAR. The DJ performed a 1h30 long set in the Techno Stage in the Decentraland metaverse. This digital after-show was in support of the (re)launch of Hogan's iconic 35 year old shoe "The Traditional", renamed "The Untraditional" for the event. The meta set featured various activations including the first ever Metaverse dance competition. Participants could activate a series of moves to perform with their avatars.


Exclusible also selected 5 artists to interpret their vision of the Untraditional in the form of NFTs, available via an NFTs drop on April 3rd on Exclusible’s website, composed of 500 unique generative NFTs. NFTs as well as POAPs, Decentraland's own collectibles, were given to participants during the DJ's set. This experience gathered more than 2000 meta-clubbers and attracted established personalities in the Metaverse like DJ Steve Aoki.

For international DJ Bob Sinclar, this experience in the Metaverse was a first time, as he performed his first meta set in front of his turntables from his studio in a new experience for him, used to the contact with the "real" public. These new dimensions shake up our reality. These various technologies allow the creation of new and unique experiences made possible by the endorsement of artists, which opens the way to new digital practices.


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