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SPOA META member of the 1st collective of Web3 professionals:


WAW3 is a group of recognized experts with reputable structures that guarantee not only speed and excellence in execution but also great fluidity in exchanges.

Its members have been working for many years with the world's biggest brands and companies, with whom they have built up a relationship of trust.

The agency SPOA META, co-founding member, has designed the logo of the collective around the idea of "3" and its founding references, blockchain and metaverse.

WAW 3 is currently the only proposal on the market that brings together all the skills needed to conduct a Web3 project from A to Z, both B2B and B2C (training, legal advice, smart contract, technological development, strategy and 3D digital creation, strategic consulting, communication)

Among the members, the initiator of the project, Caroline Saslawsky, founder of the PR agency Idenium, Orel Simon CEO and founder of SPOA new gen creative agency, Raphaël Aflalo, CEO and co-founder with Cathy and David Guetta of My Love Affair, Federico Benincasa, co-founder and CEO of Wall Burners, Pierre Chapelle, developer of decentralized applications (blockchain), Julie Jacob, founder of Jacob Avocats, Gabriel Mamou-Mani, who since 2006 has created several successful companies in the world of adtech, gaming (Virtuadz) and media (Scribeo), Vincent Tessier CEO and founder of One Digital Nation, and Alexis Vervelle, founder of VR Académie.


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