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Orel Simon, CEO and founder of SPOA META, spoke to the HEC students of the Influential Luxury Certificate 2022 - Creating Emotions, Cultivating Business for an exchange on the relationship between WEB3 and the luxury industry, on the importance of establishing a legitimacy accompanied by a powerful storytelling.

Between respecting the WEB3 codes and the importance of a road-map, Orel Simon discussed with the students this revolution with its numerous opportunities for the luxury world.


- I -

The need to develop engaging content

- II -

Thinking of WEB3 as an extension of the real world and not as a replacement

- III -

WEB3 is a great opportunity to develop customer relations, both present and future

- IV -

The importance of being legitimate by understanding and respecting the codes of the different crypto-communities

- V -

Think about establishing a roadmap and a clear vision in the short and long term

And of course, keep in mind that WEB3 is still a world under construction and you have to be able to adapt.

After having discussed a few one-offs that we liked and others that we didn't, the discussion turned to SPOA META's expertise centered around a strong storytelling, supported by a strategic vision adapted to each of our clients' issues.

Finally, a question and answer session with the HEC students concluded this presentation.

You can consult the presentation in its entirety by following this link.

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